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Thanks, · Jo

for making magic real

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OH! *sigh*
I am in a rapture!
I just finished the Goblet of fire
for the third time and It was still so
special and new and AMAZING!! I feel a little more complete
when I read it! and OH! did My heart soar when
Dumbledore praised Harry toward the end! Every little nuance
and subtext makes my brain feel all warmed and
tucked in and safe! I should like to thank JK Rowling
someday for this feeling. I could go on and on
about special things and special feelings I had reading the end
but I am afraid to give spoilers to anyone not having
finished the book and Don't wanna use the cut tag from FAQ 75! lol!!

I would just once like to tell mistress Rowling that
I am a disabled man who lives in horrible pain some days and
deals with horrid mental illness others and in this
terror-filled life-mocking existance I pick up her work whenever
I am able and I know pleasure....pure joy and an innocence
I was not afforded as a youth.

If someone could once tell her I said so
that'd be real fine.
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I got into Harry Potter when I was in 5th grade. My 5th grade teacher has always been my favourite teacher ever. She read Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone aloud to the whole class. I got hooked then. I got the first four books for Christmas that year. I started reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. While I was reading it, I started having a lot of family problems. Everytime my parents would start fighting and yelling, I would shut myself in my room and read. I finished reading Chamber of Secrets and worked my way onto Prisoner of Azkaban. During Prisoner of Azkaban, I had friend problems. I would come home after a long and grueling day at school and read to take my mind off of things. I finished Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire like that. I got Goblet of Fire the summer before my 8th grade year. It really helped me keep a level head because none of my friends were talking to me over the summer. I got Half Blood Prince and finished it without reading because of problems. It's habit now for me to read Harry Potter if there is something wrong in my life. Every time I feel upset or hurt, instead of doing something rash and stupid I will grab a Harry Potter book and just open it to whatever page and start reading.
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I Will Remember You by Sarah MacLachlan
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Hello, I'm Sigi and first I must say thanks to the creator of this community. I'm surprised no one else seems to have said anything yet, except for the lovely creator. I'm part of a few HP rp communities and I can mention your blog there.
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Just a reminder to all of those who've joined the community so far- please feel free to start sending in your 'Thanks, Jo' entries!! Also, please don't forget to spread the word around about this community, as I'd like to have as many members join as possible. Again, I would like to thank you all for joining what I hope will turn out to be a popular place for Harry Potter fans to express their gratitude to Jo Rowling as well as share memories and stories involving the books with other fans from around the world.    

Until next time, my fellow Potter fans!



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Hello and Welcome to thanks_jo !!!

I'll admit, I'm quite new at this. All I am, really, is a huge Harry Potter fan trying to make amends to Jo. So, I think a brief explanation of this community and it's purpose is in order, which I will most cordially copy and paste from the User Info and hope for the best. Here goes:

This community was created for fellow Harry Potter fans from around the world to gather round so that we could all properly thank Jo Rowling for the magical gift she's given us. Members can share stories with fellow fans about how J.K. Rowling, a specific character in the series, or the Harry Potter book series as a whole, has inspired and influenced them and their lives. The members of this community are also welcome to share important experiences they've had which relate somehow to their connection with the books and characters, whether it be a sad occasion in which they've held on to Harry (as an example) for solace and support, or merely a boring afternoon during which they were saved by being swept into the great adventures of Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

When it comes down to it, though, this community is about showing Jo our gratitude. Any form of showing appreciation is acceptable, as long as it is appropriate for all ages. Poetry, short stories, memories, speeches, and simple on and on ramblings of never-ending thank-yous are all perfectly fine. Be original, be creative, and don't be afraid to ramble! Because don't forget- Jo did say she goes on the web every once and a while. If she were ever to come across this community, I'd like for her to smile.


 As you can see, my intentions are pure. I thought it might be a wonderful thing if Harry Potter fans from around the world could all join up together through the wonders of internet technology and thank Jo as a whole for everything we've recieved and learned from her and her magical books. If anyone at all is interested in joining this community by submitting their own thanks to Jo, please go right ahead! If you support this idea, and believe that it is something truly worth fighting for, please tell your fellow Potter pals about the community and help keep it alive!

Many, many, thanks!


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