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Thanks, · Jo

First ever post!

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Hello and Welcome to thanks_jo !!!

I'll admit, I'm quite new at this. All I am, really, is a huge Harry Potter fan trying to make amends to Jo. So, I think a brief explanation of this community and it's purpose is in order, which I will most cordially copy and paste from the User Info and hope for the best. Here goes:

This community was created for fellow Harry Potter fans from around the world to gather round so that we could all properly thank Jo Rowling for the magical gift she's given us. Members can share stories with fellow fans about how J.K. Rowling, a specific character in the series, or the Harry Potter book series as a whole, has inspired and influenced them and their lives. The members of this community are also welcome to share important experiences they've had which relate somehow to their connection with the books and characters, whether it be a sad occasion in which they've held on to Harry (as an example) for solace and support, or merely a boring afternoon during which they were saved by being swept into the great adventures of Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

When it comes down to it, though, this community is about showing Jo our gratitude. Any form of showing appreciation is acceptable, as long as it is appropriate for all ages. Poetry, short stories, memories, speeches, and simple on and on ramblings of never-ending thank-yous are all perfectly fine. Be original, be creative, and don't be afraid to ramble! Because don't forget- Jo did say she goes on the web every once and a while. If she were ever to come across this community, I'd like for her to smile.


 As you can see, my intentions are pure. I thought it might be a wonderful thing if Harry Potter fans from around the world could all join up together through the wonders of internet technology and thank Jo as a whole for everything we've recieved and learned from her and her magical books. If anyone at all is interested in joining this community by submitting their own thanks to Jo, please go right ahead! If you support this idea, and believe that it is something truly worth fighting for, please tell your fellow Potter pals about the community and help keep it alive!

Many, many, thanks!


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